hr jr club fitting
Starting juniors off on the right start in golf includes having the right equipment. Gone are the days of cutting down an old set of golf clubs. Junior clubs are now offered in various weights and lengths to ensure your junior is developing speed at an early age. Kids using clubs that are too long and heavy and/or of poor quality makes it very difficult for the junior to find success early on. 
You wouldn't give your child shoes that they could "grow into" would you? Well, you can't do that with golf clubs either!
The two companies we carry at Holly Ridge are Tour Edge and Epec. The Tour Edge HL-J line is an affordable option for those just getting into golf. They offer 5 different sizes and are of very high quality and weighting relative to others at the same price point.
Epec is a new company and offers upgrades as your junior grows out of their clubs. Rather than buying a new set every 2 years, you simply send back the clubs and have them upgraded to fit for length and weight at a fraction of the cost of a new set. For the junior than plans on sticking with golf, this is the best way to go. 
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* Holly Ridge matches prices on ALL clubs with online and retail stores. You will not find a lower price anywhere else!
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