Holly Ridge Learning Center

At the Holly Ridge Family Learning Center we believe that golf is for everyone! Our Teaching Professionals share their passion for the game by creating a learning environment that is fun, relaxing, and allow for all golfers to reach their full potential.

Whatever your ability level and goals, we have a program that is right for you.

Not sure where you fit in? See our classification chart below to see where the best place is for you.

Never played and / or has limited understanding of the game.
(Private Lessons, Hello Golf: A Program For New Golfers, & Hello Golf: "Refresher")

Advanced Beginner
Has played a little and may / may not have had some instruction.
(Private Lessons, Hit & Giggles, & Golf Clinics)

Plays a few times a month and has been for more than a year.
(Private Lessons & Golf Clinics)

Plays regularly and has done so for many years.
(Private Lessons & Golf Clinics)

The Holly Ridge Family Learning Center is the place to learn golf on Cape Cod!

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