"Holly Ridge was the PERFECT venue to host 40 supporters for the Cambodian Eye Project at their “Eat, Paint, and Love (our charity) event”!  Jen did an amazing job of turning ½ of the dining room into a café for dinner and the other half into an art studio.  All attendees were treated to a sit down plated meal from 4 menu choices and were delighted with their entrees.   The wait staff was amazing and the evening flowed effortlessly offering all attendees a great meal in a comfortable and relaxed surrounding with plenty of elbow room for dining as well as when it was time to let their inner Picasso’s out at the easels.  Thank you SO much for hosting our event.   It was a smashing event made possible with the Holly Ridge Midas Touch."


"My wife Dottie and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the wonderful approach you have taken as the new owners of the Holly Ridge golf course. Your enthusiasm and careful attention to the needs of the people supporting the golf course , restaurant and golf shop has been remarkable and has earned a well deserved thank you from the community supporting your endeavors. We both anxiously await the coming golf season so as to witness the continuation of your ideas for improving the experience  at Holly Ridge. We both especially enjoyed couples night out  and the chance it offered to meet the many new couples we golfed with. You also made the restaurant an improved and enjoyable experience. Kudos to you both and keep up the good work."


“We hosted our family Christmas party at the Holly Ridge Golf Club restaurant and were delighted by their delicious food, attentive service, and scenic golf course setting.  Jennifer and Joe made the planning process easy and stress-free, from accommodating our special requests to choosing the menu.  We are excited to make our family party an annual tradition at Holly Ridge - with tasty food, friendly service, and a charming atmosphere, their restaurant is perfect for functions and events!”


"Jennifer Webster O'Connor is simply one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. I have been a student of Jen's since 2010 and have followed her from Maine to Minnesota and now to Massachusetts. She truly loves to teach and has dramatically helped all facets of my game. She embraces all the modern technology to help me visualize the changes I am working towards and she produces video reviews of my lessons so far I can refer to them throughout the season.

I am a low handicap competitive golfer but I have witnessed Jen and Joe as they teach all levels of golfers from beginner to expert and they approach all their students with the same zeal and excitement that they impart to me in my lessons.  They are a perfect team and have set up a wonderful operation at Holly Ridge. Jen and Joe are not only great instructors, they are great people."


"I cannot say enough good things about Darren Falk. A gentleman, an excellent communicator, friendly, and a teacher of the golf swing of great ability. Darren does not put pressure on you to change your swing to fit his ideal swing; he convinces you, and the results are extraordinary.  I have made a few tweaks since taking lessons from Darren but the basic concepts that he ingrained in me are to this day the basic fundamentals of my swing.  If you are a pessimist about your golf swing, he will make you an optimist."


"I just wanted to take a few moments to relay to you my experiences at Holly Ridge, this past year, especially the golf instruction. Before I had "discovered" you, I had had a variety of instruction, and while some of it was helpful, I never really learned a "foundation", and as a consequence, never really saw consistent improvement in my game. I was always correcting something. As you know, I am a high handicapper, who wanted to have fun playing the game, but also wanted to be able to play with better players, and be competitive. When we started, I remember you just taking the time to learn about me, and my interests, and then spent the next 20 or so minutes just watching me hit from every viewing angle ( I didn't even see that you were recording me). We had several sessions together, and without telling me, you totally reworked my whole approach, from set up, to grip pressure to posture....and at every step, you gave me instructions (like the follow up email and video links) that let me digest what we had gone over, so that I could take the ideas to practice. If at the outset, you had told me you were going to re-work my whole swing, I probably would have balked.  The instruction you gave, NEVER assumed that I would even be back for another lesson, but what you gave me that day, was a something I could take and use.  The more I came back, the more you built in.  Also, thank you for the countless times you saw me on the range, and just stopped and either gave me encouragement, or a quick tip. Most of all, thank you for being positive, without giving me false encouragement. You have a great sense of patience, and your communication skills with the visual aid(s) you used in our time together, made the learning very practical. In short, you gave me what I was looking for, a great foundation, the ability to digest and correct some mistakes while playing, and, most importantly, I feel my game is much more consistent!  I am very much looking forward to working with you this season. Last point, the entire staff at Holly Ridge, were amazing.  Everyone always had a nice thing to say, and all were willing to help, it made for a very pleasant experience."


"My children really enjoyed their golf instruction with the staff at Holly Ridge.  The coaches make the kids feel welcomed and bring excitement to the introduction of the sport to the youth.  Looking forward to next season."


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