Are you playing with clubs that are properly fitted for you? 
Book a time with one of our professionals and see how new technology can make the game easier and more fun. 
You owe it to yourself!
  Contact Jennifer O'Connor to schedule a time
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How does a clubfitting work?
  • Interview with the student and find out their goals to determine what you might need.
  • Student hits with their current golf club(s) on our Flightscope Launch Monitor.
  • The instructor will have the student try different clubs.
  • The main components we fit for are:
    • Club Type
    • Shaft Length
    • Shaft Flex
    • Loft/Lie Angle of the club
  • The instructor will make a recommnedation as to what would be the best option for you.

  • If you decide not to purchase new clubs, there is a $150 fee for the clubfitting. This fee will be credited back if you decide to purchase.

*Our prices are matched with all online and golf retail stores*
You will not find a lower price anywhere else!
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